Alberta Lobster King uses Nova Scotia lobsters that are caught off the coast in the cold North Atlantic Ocean. They are cooked in ocean water with a century year old recipe. We guarantee when you crack the claws of these lobsters, the juices will richly flow out. Once cooked, they are put on a plane and packed with gel packs and flown to Alberta. They are NEVER frozen, they are always fresh, so that is why our lobsters taste the best.

Lobster season is from mid-May until mid-July every year.

You won't find fresher lobster in Alberta!

Prices depend on airfare and market changes.

For any questions or concerns contact John (The Lobster King) at (780) 297-3162. Texting Is preferred.

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Providing seafood to the Edmonton area for 26 years

Freshly Cooked Fresh 1.25-1.5 lb Atlantic Market Lobsters

We catch & cook your lobster for you perfectly, ship it out in coolers, cooled with gel packs They are never frozen!

You wont find a fresher Lobster in Alberta.

Lobsters occupies a unique position and are the King of seafood. In the eyes of food connoisseurs, lobster is an indispensable premium dish.

Current Price: $23.00 a lobster GST included

Frozen 5 LB Bag of Digby Scallops

Scallops are similar to crab or lobster taste-wise but they have a firmer texture. The flavor tends to be sweet, buttery, and delicate. When cooked correctly, you may experience and enjoy the best seafood flavor in the world (I’m obviously a scallop fanatic)!

Current Price: $179.99 GST included

Frozen 10 lb Box of Atlantic Cod

Cod fish is a popular white fish that is known for its mild flavor and flaky texture. When cooked, it has a delicate taste that is often described as sweet and buttery.

Current Price: $199.99 GST included

Frozen 10lb box of Haddock Loins

Haddock is a mild, slightly sweet tasting fish without an overpowering fishy flavor. Its white flesh is lean, with low levels of oiliness, and fine flakes that are firm and tender once cooked.

Current price 199.99 GST included.

5lb Cooked Flash Frozen Snow Crab Legs

Snow crab has a taste that can be described as sweet along with a hint of brininess. This sweetness is not overpowering but rather subtle, enhancing the overall flavor of the crab. On the other hand, the brininess gives it a slightly salty undertone, suggestive of the sea from where it originates.

Current Price $135.00 GST included.

Ordering is very easy. When you have decided what you would like to purchase

I will confirm your order with a thumbs up emoji. Please call me or text me with any questions you may have.

Delivery Dates:

May 24 (First Haul weekend)

June 07 (Whynot weekend)

June 14 (Fathers day weekend)

June 28 (Canada day weekend)

July 05 (Last Haul weekend)

Delivery locations:

  1. St Albert Super Store 101 St Albert Trail
  2. Flying Jay Sherwood Park 50 Pembina road
  3. Morinville Sobeys 10003 100st
  4. Gibbons, AB